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…definitely a boy! And quite a boy! The sonographer found it very amusing when I asked her if she could measure the little todger, but in truth, we didn’t need to measure. He’s a boy and a half! #prouddaddy

We were anxious this morning, as we always are going into the hospital. It brings back all the emotions from before, but at least this time we had the comfort of being able to feel little Rex moving around before. However, it was still a relief when the sonographer checked the lips, the heart, the brain, the growth, the kidneys and placenta and said that everything was normal. It was at that point we could really enjoy the scan. 
It was amazing to see the detail you can get on the scan. He blew us a kiss… Or just has a natural pout. He definitely has 10 fingers and 10 toes. The profile of his face was incredible. You could see so much intricate detail, I feel as if I have already met him. I could tell you exactly what he looks like, and if I could draw I could draw him pretty well! It was when he began to suck his thumb that really hit me; he is real and alive and getting ready to come and play! Take a look at the boy in the pictures, handsome eh? (Like his father!) 
Nice to meet you Rex!