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What? A dad at a midwife appointment?

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 19/03/2014

Yes, that’s right! this afternoon, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend our midwife appointment. And I am so pleased I did. Just to have the opportunity to ask any questions to a midwife rather than google was fantastic. It was lovely to hear the heartbeat drumming away like a Michael Jacksons, “They don’t really care about us.” 

And it was so good to hold a small pot of the wife’s wee in hand!

I think that it is so important for dads to get to as many meetings with professionals as possible, including antenatal classes, midwife appointment, scans and anything else that crops up. Dads need to know the drills as well as mummy and I am so grateful for having that opportunity today. 

Happy daddy tonight as hearing the heartbeat is always very special. I saw an image just now of a dad who had it tattooed on his forearm… idea! Rex is doing well, he’s growing in the right places, the bump is the right size and her wee is the perfect pH level. (Does it come across that I’m a touch obsessed with her urine! I’m not, ok?) 

Dads, if you can, get to as many midwife appointments as you can. It’s well worth it! 

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  1. Paul Wandason

    I’m with you (metaphorically!) on going to all those appointments! You’ve summed it up excellently that “Dads have babies too”, and being there for those scans and things really shows your commitment – after all, if we can’t go to a 30 minute scan, how can we expect to be there for our children 24/7 once they’re born?!

    Aside from just knowing about how things are going, I’m sure it’s also comforting for our wife / girlfriend to know that we’re there for them too!

  2. Rob George

    I’m with you on this, we have the baby’s heartbeat appointment tomorrow and I am sooo excited. Still cant get over going to some appointments and when they take wife away to be weighed and that and you are left alone surrounded by bumps!

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