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What are dads buying their kids for Christmas?

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Published on 16/12/2016

We asked the dads from with The Dad Network what they’re buying their children for Christmas. There are so many lists bounding around of what people ‘think’ dads will be buying their children, but we have the real deal.

Split into 2 categories, under 3’s and over 3’s, here are the most popular gifts that dads are buying their children for Christmas.

Under 3 years old

A Raleigh Songbird Purple bike

Great gift for Christmas. Riding a bike is one of those things that every child should learn to do. I still remember my dad teaching me 25 years on.

Raleigh Songbird 12 Purple

A 6V Mini Cooper Coupe

Ted has this already and adores it! And believe it or not, they’re not that pricey!

6v mini cooper coupe

Inflatable R2-D2

For all those Star Wars dads out there, this is a great way to start indoctrinating your children in the way of the ‘Force.’


My First Crayola Doodle Magic Colour Mat

Crayola make some amazing products and this is no exception. Hours of fun. Ted draws on the floor most of the time anyway, so this would be a great gift for him!


Crayola Sand Scribbler

Why not spark off the creative side of your children with this. I think that presents that inspire and teach are the best gifts you can give.


Balance Bike

The ever popular balance bikes. These are just standard for toddler nowadays and well worth getting.



Over 3 years old

Numark Part Mix

Starter DJ controller with sound card, light show and virtual DJ LE software! If you unwrapped this on Christmas morning, you’d be pretty happy. Am I right?



No idea what this is but it’s set to set Christmas on fire (not literally) as it’s one of the most popular toys this Christmas.


Chad Valley Foldable Wendy Playhouse

We bought Ted a wendy house for his birthday back in the summer and he loves it! Make sure you add a doorbell; they go nuts for a doorbell apparently!


Schwinn Roadster Trike

Is this not the coolest trike you’ve ever seen?! I’m about to send an email asking if it comes in adult sizes!


What about you? What are you buying your children for Christmas?

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