What does a dad need to know about pregnancy?

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Don’t use under wire bra’s, having a banana by the bed helps morning sickness, don’t eat swordfish. These are just some of the things a mum to be wants to know, and needs to know about pregnancy. Little tips to help get them through. (Who eats swordfish?) 

4 weeks to go and I felt that I should take a minute to share the wisdom I’ve gained up until now. I think that this next phase will be overwhelmed with new insights, so I had better offload what I’ve got now, before I forget it. 

So, being The Dad Network, this is my list of hints and tips to help dads get through pregnancy. 

#1 Get ginger! Ginger beer, ginger biscuits, ginger cats, ginger hair dye! Cover all bases. 

#2 She’s not getting bigger anywhere except her tummy. And that’s because she’s having a baby. Nothing to do with the cravings…

#3 Morning sickness isn’t always really linked to the morning. It’s just sickness! And can continue way past the first trimester. 

#4 Stock the cupboards – It will save you dashing off to the Sainsburys local every half an hour!

#5 Take a skirmish to the hospital car park. Where’s the drop off pint…I mean, point? Where can I leave the car temporarily? How much is parking? Are there any discounts? Does the machine accept cards or only shrapnel? 

#6 An afternoon nap is perfectly normal…

#7 Make the most of every lie in you can possibly have. Have breakfast in bed. Wear you PJ’s all day. 

#8 Spend time researching and choosing a pram. You have every right to choose the pram yourself. It’s yours. This is the first area of involvement you should look to. Try before you buy!

#9 Cook brocoli, spinach and other green veg and force feed if necessary. 

#10 Keep active – so many dads to be put on weight. It’s probably due to all the craving related snacks that are now in the house. She has an excuse, you don’t. 

#11 Have the odd moment on your own; dad time is important. 

#12 Learn how to rub her feet. And back. And shoulders. In fact, just learn how to massage! 

#13 Be patient. 

#14 Go to as many scans & midwife appointments as possible. Don’t miss any if you can help it. 

#15 Don’t talk about other non-pregnant women’s bodies!

#16 Try and book a night or two away on your own. Quality time as a family to be. 

#17 Put some money aside to cover her maternity wardrobe. She’ll be feeling awful, so some retail therapy seems perfectly reasonably. 

#18 BE INVOLVED! Nursery furniture, clothing, car seats – make sure you are involved.

#19 Stock the cupboards. She won’t be doing much cooking after the birth. Get in some curry sauces, super noodles, frozen southern fried chicken. Job done! 

#20 Talk through birth preferences. What kind of birth do you both want? Pain relief? Birthing centre or hospital? Home birth? Water birth?

#21 Read to your child in the bump. I do and it’s amazing. Let them learn your voice. 

#22 Decorate early. None of this last minute.com stuff. Crack on with it and do it well. You’ll feel proud & happy afterwards. 

#23 Keep dating… and… stuff…

#24 Share you fears and feelings about the birth. She’s doing the pushing, but it’s an experience for both of you. “cos dads have babies too” n’ all that!

#25 Tidy up after yourself. 

#26 Clean up after yourself. (Learn how to use bleach after going to the *~#!) 

#27 Ask if she’s alright in the night when she’s up 20 times for a wee. 

#28 Summer babies; sort the garden out. Cut the grass etc

#29 Pack the maternity hospital bag yourself and have a dry run so you know where to go when you arrive at the hospital. 

#30 Read up on Braxton Hicks contractions. 

#31 Read the instructions despite your usual nature.

#32 Tell her she’s beautiful.

#33 NCT rocks and you will make friends. 

#34 Don’t get sucked in. She’s just saying it because she’s uncomfortable, hormonal and stressed. She can’t argue on her own so remove yourself. Stay calm and controlled. 

#35 Say sorry, even if you haven’t done anything wrong. 

#36 Budget and pick your fights. You can’t afford everything you want, so prioritise. 

Whilst it’s all well and good knowing what to do, it’s also helpful to know what not to say during pregnancy. I learnt these the hard way and now only have sensation in 1 of my testicles. He’s a list of my worst moments: 

#1 “See, it was worth the effort. You look gorgeous.”

#2 “Looks like it could be twins.”

#3 “How many ginger biscuits have you had?”

#4 “Didn’t you just have lunch?”

#5 “This beer is SO good!” 

#6 “I’m not going to watch this film with you, if you’re going to cry like you did last time.”

#7 “Yeah, I scan read the baby book. I picked up a few things.”

#8 “I’m so tired. I didn’t sleep that well last night.”

#9 “You’ve never been kicked in the nuts have you?”

#10 “You’re so lucky, you can eat whatever you want and you get to finish work soon.”

#11 “Can you just fetch me another beer, the second half is about to start.”

#12 “I’m just off to buy a new iMac…it will help with the blog and baby photos and stuff.”

There you have it… the do’s and don’ts of how to survive pregnancy! That leaves me to say 1 thing: Good luck! 

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  1. Dinner by Dad

    Haha, love this list. My worst moments often relate to the times I unwillingly said “you’ve not got long to go now…”. I tried to stop myself saying it, but some part of me thought it would be reassuring – despite it not working the last 10 times. My partner hated that phrase… “not long to go? Try having a human growing inside of you for 9 months and say the same thing!”

    • Al TheDadNetwork


      Thanks for your comment. It is such a minefield! You think you’re alright and then … you’re not!

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