What is Black Friday? Everything you need to know about The Big Sales Day

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Black Friday was a bit of an enigma to me last year. It came and went before I had the chance to find out what it really was, but this year, I’m ready. Therefore, this guide to Black Friday is designed to make sure that you don’t miss out like I did last year. After all, being a parent is an expensive business at the best of times so this could be an opportunity to get some bits at discounted prices.

Maybe you need a new car seat, pushchair or high chair? Or maybe you’re dreading the expenditure on the kids Christmas prezzies? Or perhaps your toddler has thrown a wooden block at the TV and you need a new one…like me. Well, whatever it is you’re on the hunt for, this is a chance to save some pennies.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is an American creation that has crept into UK culture more and more in recent years. Last year in fact, an estimated £810 million was spent in the UK alone. It falls on the day after the American Thanksgiving celebration in an attempt to get you to part with your cash in the run up to Christmas. Retailers slash their prices and offer mammoth discounts so you could pick up a great bargain.

Black Friday Guide

When is Black Friday?

This year, Black Friday is on 23rd November 2018 but keep an eye out because most retailers have already started some of their deals.

What do I need to Know About Black Friday?

  • As well as in store, many retailers will offer their discounts online too. Last year some companies websites crashed there was so much activity.
  • Stores will be set to open very early and will be busy for the entire day. If you’re not interested in getting a deal, it’s advised to avoid your town centre.

Which Key Retailers will be doing Black Friday?


Go to Amazon Black Friday Page


Go to eBay Black Friday Page


Go to Boots Black Friday Page


Go to Argos Black Friday Page


Go to Wiggle Black Friday Page


Go to Marks & Spencer Black Friday Page


Go to PrezzyBox Black Friday Page


Go to Etsy Black Friday Page


Go to B&Q Black Friday Page


What Can You Get on Black Friday?

Basically, you can get some great deals, resulting in great savings. If you’ve had your eye on a product for a while or you need something new, this is the time to buy it because the chances are, you’ll get a discount.

As I said at the start, being a parent isn’t cheap, so if you need some more of those parenting essentials, this could be the best time to get them.

That being said, the best saving you can make is by not spending anything at all. So have in the back of your head somewhere the question, “Do I really need to spend this money?”

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