What Parents Need to Know About TikTok – The World’s Fastest Growing short-video app

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  1. Donal

    That was really useful. Thanks guys ?

  2. Oliver

    Great to know, thanks guys

  3. Scott

    It’s actually a pretty fun app, my daughter and I have made videos together and I’ve now actually got my own account…it’s fun when you get into it!

  4. Jason

    This is great! Ive just got in to Tik Tok recently and its fun. Great tips!

  5. Jason

    Great tips! I love Tik Tok, makes it easy to use and the girl love creating.

  6. ScottMohawk

    I’m a loser and actually have my own Tik Tok account…it started out to just monitor my daughters activity and now I run my own content…and have more followers than her…whoops :D

  7. Luke

    Great to see they are taking steps for safety too! Got me wanting to set up my own account!

  8. Simon

    Brilliant app and great to see them taking young and vulnerable peoples safety in to consideration.

    • Al Ferguson

      They really are looking at the best ways to keep children safe – some of the features are really good.

    • Duncan

      Really interesting. My eldest is getting into these sorts of videos won’t be long before he gets into this.

  9. Ash

    Not really used tiktok before. But I’ve just set up an account!

  10. Lewis brown

    I am seeing more people use this yet I am not. Think I may have to download and see what the fuss is about

  11. Shey

    Excellent article. Very informative.
    I’ve not thought about looking at TikTok until now. I think it could be fun.
    I’m off to download it.

  12. Dan

    Great article! My eldest uses this and I really had no clue how it all worked!

  13. Rhys

    One of those classic I didn’t know about that moment. Dadsnet, keeping dads ahead of the curve. Thanks for letting me in on what’s down the kids these days.

  14. Gavin Watson

    I’m on Tik Tok but my 2 boys have taken over my account. Really fun app and the kids love it. Monitored of course.

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