What Should You have in Your Change / Diaper bag?

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Every day I am perplexed at the vast array of, arguably, useless stuff that the wife deems necessary to carry with her in her change bag. Her bag weighs a tonne… So, I decided to create a short video to show you exactly what she puts in it! 
And just incase you missed anything, here’s a full breakdown of the contents of her change bag. 
# Large blanket
# Magazine
# Phone charger
# Change mat
# Drink
# Snack
# Baby book
# Wipes
# Spare trousers
# Spare jumper
# Spare Hat
# Spare baby grow
# Bib 1
# Bib 2
# Shoes
# Toy
# Purse
# Nappy 
# Nappy 
# Nappy 
# Nappy 
# Nappy 
# Nappy 
# Infacol
# Paracetamol
# A pencil
# Make up 1
# Make up 2
# Sudocrem
# Breast pads
# Hair things
And in case you missed what’s in my bag… 
# Wipes
# Nappy
What is it about mums and their need to fill their bags to the brim with useless stuff. Why do you think mums fill their change bags to the brim?

I’d love to hear your take, please leave your comments below, I read them all.



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  1. Louise Campbell

    I think it’s a “survival mechanism” automatically built into mums psyche. It goes something like this: Must not leave house without kitchen sink, or may not survive outside house :)

    • Al Ferguson

      Just keep the nappy nice and tight, couple of wet wipes (or a dock leaf) and you’re good to go!

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