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Which Pushchair?

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 15/10/2014

Aged 5 I learnt to ride my bike for the first time, on 2 wheels; a momentous occasion for anyone. At aged 8 I got my first proper bike. By 12 I’d added 2 more wheels to my 2 wheeled escapades, and purchased a skateboard. Aged 14 I upgraded my mountain bike and discovered rollerblades. By 16 I had a mountain board and when 17 hit…I passed my driving test and was let loose on the roads in a real car; from here my love for wheels continued via road bikes, 4X4, new cars and more mountain bikes. It’s clear that I like wheels and I’m sure that it’s down to the risk and speed of moving on wheels that appeal to my nature.
Now aged 26 I feel that my enjoyment from wheels has taken a new turn; pushchairs! But which pushchair? There are so many great options! And so many not so great options. Which pushchair is one of the biggies!
It’s no secret that men, and some women, procrastinate about pushchairs when they’re looking to purchase one, more than most other things. Why? Because they want to get it right. It’s not just a big financial commitment but it’s also a tool that is essential for daily use. The hours I spent mulling over the tiniest details could add up to at least an evening in the pub!
We’ve been testing out the Stokke Scoot; the smart urban stroller! Let’s start with the wheels, because, you know, I like wheels! These are brilliant wheels. They have excellent grip, they run smoothly and are loaded with run flat tyres – no pumping up and no emergency puncture repair kits necessary. The front wheels also lock into position for the Roman roads.
Out The Box:
The pushchair arrives in a remarkably small box for a pushchair which I guess is a sign of the compactness. This does increase slightly once the wheels are attached (at great ease) however. The instructions are idiot proof with 1 very clear image to 1 very large page; if you are confused by them, then I’m afraid you may need a visit to the doctor. Everything clips together satisfyingly with green safety spots to make sure you’ve done it properly. My only trouble was with a zip! A zip! I’m thinking it was just an ‘operator error.’
Obviously, folding is one of the biggest issues with pushchairs. Is it easy to do? Well, yes. A button in the middle with a sliding safety fixing allows you to pretty much do this one handed…once the seat has been folded. It is straight forward and once you’ve done it a couple of times and made sure everything is tucked away, it’s a dream.
Come on… this is Stokke we’re talking about here! Of course this is designed to the highest quality with a near perfect finish. The wife saw it and fell in love with the soft silver chassis and soft, muted blue & grey fabric. There are other colour choices for those more adventurous but I must say that ALL the colour choices are more than appealing for a dad to be pushing round. They are neutral and popular resulting in a pushchair that made me feel very comfortable. (i.e. I wasn’t pushing a pink pushchair or a spotty one or a garish lime or an aqua blue…)

The 2-way seat is a great bonus and, boy is it easy to remove and turn round to face forwards or backwards. Light with smooth mechanisms! The seat also has an adjustable reclining backrest cleverly integrated.

And don’t worry mums, the shopping basket is a helpful size!
I think that it’s hard to beat Stokke on design, especially when every aspect has been thought through meticulously so it just works. That’s all I want in life – things that work seemingly!
It comes with a mosquito net! Amazing! The hood is large and the foot rest is adjustable to grow with your child. The fabrics are washable, but does anyone actually wash their pushchair fabric? Guess I should learn how the washing machine works…


I would class myself as vertically challenged at 5”8’ which means I can’t access the top shelves (probably a blessing in disguise), I can’t change light bulbs very easily or get into the loft and putting my bike on the roof rack is rather trialling. So this daily struggle, combined with a pushchair that sits very high leaves me something to think about. It feels as though I’m pushing it with my ears. My personal preference is low, which I know is bad for my back so really, Stokke have created a pushchair that is far healthier and better for you to push. The handlebar doesn’t have the usual sliding mechanism which may add to this illusion of a tall pushchair but it does mean that weight is reduced. Well done Stokke, keeping things simple again! 
They also pitch it as a stroller, which it is but it’s not as light as the others. It is brilliant for everyday life and will fit in the boot easily but I’m not sure you’d fancy taking it on the bus.

Babies should really be strapped in…!
This stroller is smooth to push with good agility for getting around John Lewis…or wherever… It’s easy to fold, easy to adapt and easy to store with its small size when folded. Phenomenal design with ingenious mechanisms. Well done Stokke – you’ve done it again!
The Stokke Scoot receives an official Dad Network star rating of 5 / 5 and our award of recommendation.
We LOVE Stokke!

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