My Wife is a higher priority than my kids

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  1. Taz

    I envy you and Jen. your both such lovely people and as well as being great/amazing parents you make us believe that love truly does exist and that when things are at their worst the love is still there. I wish I had what you have.

  2. Danny

    Great post Al! People forget the children are the tokens of your love. You’ve always got to remember the reason you fell in love to begin with before these meddling kids came along. Devoting time to your relationship also means you get to wake up in the same house as your children everyday, which is a blessing.

  3. Stephen

    Respectfully disagree. Someone doesn’t fall pregnant, they become pregnant. There’s meaning in the words we choose to tell our stories, this is the key to relationships across the board, as you pointed out. It is amazing though that families have so many differences in what values they nature and mature. Some prioritize friends and family, others prioritize work and wealth. I won’t disagree that relationships are put to the test when children become part of them, but your relationship is separate from them. You won’t always be on the same page when it comes to parenting, no one ever is, so what do you do at the moment? Part of the larger problem with the world is no one is teaching how to handle differences, whether it be opinion or values or moral compass or anything. Children need to see how to handle diversity so they understand how to work through a situation where there is opposition.

  4. Jason

    Family is a team. Most important will vary day to day depending on circumstances. That said, a solid foundation helps, and do getting you and your significant other in a good place will help massively.

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