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Win your partner the perfect gift for Valentines Day – Lumie Bodyclock Iris!

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 21/01/2016

With the big day just around the corner, now’s the time to start planning the perfect gift for Valentines Day. If you’d like to push the boat out but also want something a little different, why not consider Lumie Bodyclock Iris (RRP £160)?

Perfect gift for valentines day

“Lumie what?” I hear you cry. Well, think alarm clock but with light and scent rather than the not so dulcet tones of your mobile. Light therapy specialists Lumie were the first to pioneer a wake-up light and now they’ve outdone themselves with this clever 2-in-1 that marries light with aromatherapy. A gradual sunrise gently wakes you – you can choose how long you’d like it to last – alongside your scent of choice, maybe something citrusy for a zesty start to your day. Come bedtime, use the sunset option, this time with a suitably relaxing oil like lavender to help you unwind and prepare for a decent night’s sleep. There are two chambers hiding under the lid to make it really easy to switch between your morning and night time oils. Plus the light is fully dimmable allowing you to use it as a bedside light and it comes with snooze & nightlight features. Oh, and the dinky little remote makes adjusting your Lumie super easy.

Lumie Bodyclock Iris is part of the Lumie Bodyclock range, a series of wake-up lights or alarm clocks that mimic a sunrise to wake you naturally with light. Instead of being dragged from deep sleep by a noisy alarm, Bodyclock wakes you gradually and much more effectively with slowly brightening light. As the sunrise light enters the eye, it triggers the release of get up and go hormones such as cortisol and decreases the production of sleep hormones like melatonin. You being to stir naturally and by the time you open your eyes, you’re properly awake, alert and feeling ready for the day ahead. In clinical trials, ‘dawn simulators’ such as Bodyclock have been shown to improve mood, energy, productivity and the quality of sleep and awakening..

Lumie has been researching and designing bright lights to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and other conditions for over 20 years. Over the years Lumie has worked closely with the scientific community. All of their products – the broadest range in Europe – are based on published research and designed by them at their base in Cambridge. Lumie Bodyclock comes with a two year guarantee and is also a Class I Medical Device, which means it’s tested to the highest European health and safety standards.

Lumie has teamed up with The Dad Network to offer one Lumie Bodyclock Iris in a special Valentine’s Day giveaway. To enter, simply use the Rafflecopter form below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Whilst you’re hear and thinking about Valentines Day… check out these 18 date night ideas that don’t need a babysitter and these 27 date night ideas for less than £10! Combined with winning this clock, you could be in for a very cheap Valentines Day!

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  1. William

    Lovely competition prize. Would love to win this for the other half

  2. Selena Banister

    What a nice way to wake up! Fab.

  3. Sheila Hodgson

    Would be blissful waking with gentle light and birdsong as opposed to near heart attack brought on by my current alarm clock

    • Al Ferguson

      Yeah, tell me about it! Mind you, my current alarm clock is an 18 month old!

  4. Lynn pendlebury

    Lot nicer way to be woken, than usual oh no! is that the time?

  5. Jane Gorton

    Great prize, thank you x

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