Winter Warning: Avoid this dangerous mistake when de-icing car windscreen

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As the leaves turn golden and temperatures plummet, the familiar frosty mornings return. For parents, the daily routine now includes the added chore of de-icing the car before the school run.

However, there’s a common misconception about using the ‘air circulation‘ button to speed up the de-icing process which could, in fact, compromise your family’s safety on the road.

Experts strongly advise against activating the air circulation feature during cold weather. Unlike in summer, when this feature is beneficial alongside your car’s air conditioning, the colder months present a different challenge. When activated, the ‘air circulation’ button traps humidity inside the car, which can lead to misted windscreens, reducing visibility significantly. This is an unwanted hazard, especially when navigating through the morning traffic with your children on board.

Moreover, a stuffy car atmosphere can quickly become uncomfortable, making the journey unpleasant for everyone. And let’s not forget, a fogged-up window is not just a nuisance; it’s a serious safety hazard that could have dire consequences. The risk of accidents increases with reduced visibility, and the last thing any parent wants is to jeopardize the safety of their family on the road.

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Additionally, children are naturally curious and might fiddle with buttons in the car. Educating them about the function and the right time to use the ‘air circulation’ button can be a mini science lesson on the go. Explain how fresh air circulation helps keep the windows clear and the car’s interior comfortable, turning a mundane morning chore into a practical learning moment.

De-icing your car may seem like a trivial part of your morning routine, but as a parent, ensuring it’s done correctly is paramount. So, the next time frost adorns your windshield, remember to keep the ‘air circulation’ button off, let fresh air circulate, and ensure a safe, comfortable journey for your family.

With these expert-backed insights, parents can now tackle frosty mornings with confidence, ensuring their little ones arrive at school safely, no matter how icy the conditions.

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