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Working Dads, Weekend Warriors

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Published on 08/04/2018

Working Dads come in many forms

My husband is one of many working dads in the military and when not deployed he is a weekend warrior (someone who only gets home at weekends). He travels hundreds of miles during the week and works ridiculous hours, why?

For his family.

My brother-in-law is one of many working dads who work in London during the week and travels home on weekends. He works one day a week at home so he can attend school assemblies and pick his daughters up at home time.

My best friend’s husband is one of many working dads who leave by 7am every morning. He tries his hardest to be home to kiss his daughter good night; to just briefly catch bath time and then to return to the endless work emails and phone calls.

The examples of working dads are endless!

When a Mum does these hours, as numerous working mums do, society fills them with guilt and puts immense pressure on them to have it all. When a working dad does these hours, no one talks about the guilt they feel, the pressure they are under, the balancing act that they work with daily.

But you are only human!

You walk in the door from 12+hour day in the hope to catch a final squish, to be able to read a book with your children, to have a sit-down and just zone out for five minutes. Instead, you’re are faced with a partner who looks to you as a pair of fresh hands, someone who can take the reins for 5 minutes, so they can grab something warm to eat. A partner who sees you as someone who can take over the bedtime routine after their crazy day.

At some point, you can both feel underappreciated like you are both slogging your guts out to try and make this life work, but it feels like you are walking through mud.

It’s at this point you both have to do the hardest thing, you have to let your guard down and trust that neither one of you is meaning to hurt each other.

You are both trying to achieve the same goal.

You want your children to grow in a safe and loving environment. To have a roof over your head and food on your table, to treasure the downtime you do get.  

For those of you driving hundreds of miles, who scramble to try and get home on time, who walk into an apocalyptic nightmare and just roll with the punches. It doesn’t go unnoticed. It is always appreciated, and your children are growing up knowing that life isn’t always about having what you want; sometimes it’s about doing what needs to be done.

On those days when you are sat at you are desk missing the school play. Those days when you just missed the kids’ bedtime and creep into them to steal a kiss. Those days when you are stuck on an overcrowded train.

Our crazy family, Working Dads
Our crazy little family, grateful for every moment (even if they don’t look it)

You are appreciated! We know you are trying your best!

Those times that you do make it home; your children will cherish them a little bit more. The weekends become golden time, you become the ultimate prize. Family time is precious and of course, you would prefer to not miss those special moments, the trick is to create your own. Have a late night movie with a duvet and popcorn. Have some one-on-one time with your children. Treat them, it’s doesn’t have to cost anything, just take them to the park.

Those moments become their memories, those moments are the ones they will remember forever.

 You are working for those special moments as a family, breath them in, you’ve all earned it.

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