You Can Now Study Magic At A British University

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Exeter university is now offering a degree in ‘magic’ – you know, in case you missed out on a place at Hogwarts.

The University of Exeter has taken an unconventional step in academia by launching a new Masters program focused on magic and occult sciences.

A Dive into the Mystical:

This novel academic venture will delve into the history, philosophy, and practices associated with magical beliefs and the occult. Students enrolled in the program will explore the significance and influence of these topics across various cultures and historical periods.

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Course Highlights:

The Masters program promises a comprehensive study, encompassing:

  • The evolution of magical beliefs and practices over time.
  • The intersection of magic with science, religion, and literature.
  • Critical evaluations of historical texts and esoteric traditions.

Why Now?

With an increasing interest in mysticism, the supernatural, and the esoteric in modern culture, there’s a growing academic demand to understand and critically analyze these subjects.

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The University of Exeter recognises this trend and aims to offer a rigorous academic approach to a topic typically shrouded in mystery.

By introducing a Masters in Magic and Occult Sciences, the University of Exeter is bridging the gap between traditional academic subjects and the realms of the mystical. It provides an opportunity for students to approach these intriguing topics with a scholarly and critical lens.

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