You Know You’re a Mum When… (Written by a dad!)

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  1. Simon

    Good job, thanks for sticking your neck out and writing this response.

  2. Nick

    Good man great response!

    The original “writer” missed out “patronising sexist” from her bio, unless that comes under the “so much more” bit.

    Rather than choose to celebrate and praise the legions of men out there that are devoted to their kids she tried to be clever and funny (both fails) with this contemptuous clickbait drivel.


  3. Caleb

    The only way that article should work would be if it was explicitly limited to her husband. Then it would cruelly be honest too since her post is clearly based on anecdotal experience and stereotypes. I wouldn’t have a problem with “10 unexpected ways childbirth changed my husband” or some such similar.

  4. Rob Dray

    You have said what many were thinking but not able to say as eloquently ! Spot on – pat yourself on the back :)

  5. Matt

    This is amazing, keep up the good work!

  6. Monica Gilbert

    Thank you! I hate how it’s socially acceptable to put down dads (and husbands). While I had way more experience with babies than my husband, he’s been absolutely amazing as a dad. While I will admit that I do tease him sometimes about mishaps (just like he does to me), I’d never assume that he can’t handle caring for our daughter just because he’s a man. I have no problem leaving her with him because he’s fully capable. But I guess that doesn’t make entertaining click-bait.

  7. gemma

    This really tickled me :) well done.

  8. Cathy

    Spot on. Females in business and Men at home when oh when can we start to ignore the gender bias and simply be people.

  9. Midge

    I think this is long overdue, my partner and I share and embrace all aspects of our children’s lives (he even changes more nappies as our son stays still for him). Thank you.

  10. lynsey

    Loved this! My husband is a very proactive and hands on dad. I HATE when fellow mums try to put their husbands behaviour on mine as if It’s the norm not to change nappies or have an interest in your own child. Dad’s are awesome and need more credit. Just because they don’t get the same paternity leave as mums get maternity doesn’t mean they wouldn’t rather be at home cleaning up sick and singing silly songs.

  11. Jodie

    This is so true. It angers me and I’m not even a dad!

  12. sam

    This is so so true. However mums ARE stereotyped as much as dad’s. You don’t have to look very hard to see it. The real problem is that society judges and stereotypes ALL parents. No matter how great you are as a mum or dad, there are still hundreds of people ready to tell you that you’re failing.

    • Al Ferguson

      Yeah, there’s definitely cases on both sides of the coin. Thanks for your comment.

  13. Naomi

    It made me feel horrible being a woman myself, how can she write this utter crazyness?

    I meet some amazing dads every day through work, who look after their child, change nappys, make sure that everything is done and without complaints or feeling sorry for themselves or not feeling “manly” enough as this lady said. The time is gone that women and men have their “roles” and it has been changing for a while. Dads are as important as mums to be there for their family, spend time, enjoy it and do things together, so enough of these stupid comments. I think you are great and please carry on with nursery rhymes and interacting, this is how a baby learns, bonds and enjoys spending time with you!

    • Al Ferguson

      Don’t feel horrible. Not all mums are like it! ;)

  14. Alan Herbert

    My indignation at the original post was soon turned to hysterical laughter at your equivalent post.

    I would write a longer comment Al, but #BabyPink is getting cranky as Cbeebies is off air, her nappy needs changing and herself is asleep as she was up all night with the baby, whilst I pretended not to hear her.

    I’m too busy looking at half naked models dropped over Lamborghinis to change her myself.


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