Youngest Ice Bucket Challenge ever?

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Here’s little Ted already raising money for charity! At 3 1/2 weeks old, surely he’s the youngest person ever to complete the ice bucket challenge? 

For those that don’t know the ice bucket challenge is a viral video challenge whereby people pour freezing cold water over themselves, film it, upload it and nominate others to do the same. They then donate £3 to charity. What a good idea! 

This idea has gone mad and has been really successful raising millions of pounds. We thought that Ted, during his bath time, would like to join in on the fun. 

Now, I know that this may cause a little controversy amongst people BUT know a few things first… 

#1 Ted LOVES being in the bath. Right from day 1, he’s been in the bath and he loves water. He has water over his head regularly in the bath and seems to enjoy it. I think this comes from the wife spending at least half of her pregnancy in the bath!!!

#2 The water was not cold – it was the exact temperature it should be for a baby bath and was carefully checked. 

#3 Ted will be starting swimming lessons in 2 weeks… in these lessons the baby is fully submerged! 

#4 He went straight in the bath afterwards and had a lovely time. 

So there you go, surely the youngest person to EVER do the ice bucket challenge!

Here’s some pics of the boy in the bath: 

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