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I’m feeling guilty as I close the door to my son’s room.

It’s the third time I’ve had to respond to him after he was supposed to go to bed. I feel like I was too harsh this time. How else was I to make it clear that this really was the last time I was coming up here to see him? Was I not firm enough the first two times?

Clearly not, as he called me back.

I let go of the door knob and walk away wondering if I’m more monster than dad.

Don’t get down on yourself, we’ve all been there!

Here are a few reasons that you’re doing a great job as a father.

You Care

This may seem like an obvious trait as a father, but not everyone is fortunate enough to have a caring parent in their lives. How do I know you’re a caring father?

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You show personal interest in your children which is a quality men have not always had. As you continue to care about children’s lives, you’ll strengthen them into well-rounded adults.

You say, “I love you.”

As it is with families we most often express our love without saying a word. You go to work, pick up the house and bathe the little humans in your home – those are ways to say “I love you.” The verbal affirmation of love means the world to a developing child.
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Hearing it is very important to understanding and trust building. So keep on showing it and saying it.

You Protect Your Family

You are your family’s protector. It’s on you to keep your family safe.

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You protect them everyday when you buckle them into their car seat, when you teach them how to drive and even when you tell your teenager that they can’t go to the most important party of her life. Not all protection is deadbolts and alarms.

You Are a Leader

In the big moments in your children’s lives, you’ve stepped in with wisdom and compassion. That’s because you are a father and a leader. You lead by knowing when to hug, when to listen and when to discipline. You lead by example, showing your children what a real man looks like. Every day you are setting the example of what a mature father, husband, brother, employee and friend looks like.

Don’t beat yourself up over one mistake made. Embrace your family and be thankful for all the things you’ve done right. Don’t stop dad; you’re doing just fine.

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