YouTube Kids Is Not As Child-Friendly As You Think

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  1. Tom Cox

    Hey Evelynne, you raise some really good points here. I never really made that connection about materialism with these videos, but i think you’re right. My son has definitely watched these, but he also loves Steve and Maggie and that’s created for schools, with a lot of learning in there. It’s all about balance like you said above… i wonder if there is a ‘block’ feature on there that you can block certain accounts?

  2. Lewis Brown

    I don’t agree with ipads and tv. I’m more of a book person. However this is what I wanted to be like when I had children. For the first 2 years of my sons life he didn’t have any screen time. He drew pictures and read books.

    I still don’t agree with iPads ect but he does watch tv sometimes. Paw patrol mostly. I have never looked into YouTube kids. Only because he doesn’t have a tablet to watch it on.

    • SG

      INOPR%ATE DONT WATCH my child was watching pokemon on a channel how pokemon almost got banned and next thing you kn ow he says the word FAG to me

  3. Harrison

    Evelynne, thanks for the article post.Really thank you! Great.

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